Starting a Blog & Keep it going

Keeping a blog going is very similar to a healthy fitness regime. Like our footballers we try to keep regular and add quality content. Some advice below on how to start and maintain a top quality blog, news or press feed.

What type of content?

Knowing your niche and audience is key. Here we will talk about football, that is a given, but also topics relating to our core competencies and what we sell. If you can’t monetize a topic, it is most likely irrelevant to you and your clients.

Plan, plan & plan some more

Always keep a plan in mind, a goal, whether subscribers, traffic, sales or all of the above, be mindful of a goal. Pardon the pun.


Don’t go for the obvious, Google Analytics is a tool for adverts not for web traffic. We have a secret sauce of sorts here. But always look for metrics that dont come from an advertiser. So Facebook and Google are not advised as trackers of blog progress. Owning your own stats is very easy and can be really motivating. Watching a site grow based on your effort and then it affecting your bottom line is what we love to see.


Whether hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, pick a schedule and do your best to stick to it. Quality and regularity are key.

Link Back

Make sure you have an obvious call to action to call, email or a link to buy now. The content could be pasted or syndicated, assume the user will arrive and convert on the blog post.

Own the Final Click

“Never build on rented land”, not sure who said it but they were savvy. Posts via Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium and all other rented or third party platforms are you building their website up and not yours. Share a blog post on social media and the clients will always return to your website. You can then track all users ethically and avoid GDPR restrictions and pitfalls. Metrics from social media are not always reliable so if you move users onto your site you know the data is solid. You can also be sure you treat it within the EU laws and with common sense. We help our clients stay on the good side of data protection and generally foster a respect for client data.  Anonymous marketing data is very useful to a site owner, but useless to a big vendor like Google. Many sites unknowingly are letting Google and Facebook spy on users, we help you stop this. Replacing it with reliable metrics and solid data.

Read Other Blogs

In any industry or artistic medium its great to know what is happening, there is always a trend, either starting or finishing. You can be early or late to the party so to speak and still do well. Sites that follow every trend can be overloaded, older blogs can look stale. Some will have very defined goals and calls to action. Others will have disparate, vague and multi path calls to action and be a mess. Some blogs are mainly for SEO, some for news. Every blog has its own nuances, being able to spot the why in a content marketing plan or layout can help you with your own blog.

Understand Phasing & Growth

Rome was not built in a day and all that. But day one your blog is very ‘quiet’, even the finest content will take time to circulate. A little a lot is a tired adage but in this case it is true. The blog needs to be ethical and offer real advice. But you also need to have a view on goals, traffic and generally have a finger on the pulse of your industry.

Quality Prose

Irish clients are uniquely situated, with an excellent education and general oral and written tradition of excellence in story telling and written prose, we are some of the best speakers and writers on the planet. Most folks do not realize the background in copywriting they have the leaving cert alone is akin to a university level in most other countries. It does not need to be Joyce but we can help most small business owners write great content with only a few pointers. If your not Irish don’t worry we will teach you the Gift of the gab!


  1. Know your self and your audience
  2. Keep up to date with then industry you are in
  3. Own the final click
  4. Quality and Quantity are key
  5. Activity and regularity comes from routine and dedication

If you would like to speak to us about a blog plan, implementation or anything related to content and your business we would love to chat.