How to write an ‘About Us’ Page

The About Us Page is arguably one of the most important on a website. Whether a company, person, celebrity, trades-person, artist etc. We all have an about us, a bio, call it what you will it is an import page. One with its own dedicated Schema and direct SEO implications, also having a nice one is just common sense. Read on to find out more about how we help clients think about themselves and write pro copy.


Starting with what you are is a good idea, we will also discuss in some later articles the Schema used to generate the Internet of Things concept. But for now “Acme Inc. are a Company Selling Anvils to Coyotes in the desert”, sounds silly as but this is the often missing from many websites we review. The simple labeling of the company is often core to the SEO. I use the Plumber Clondalkin analogy with almost every client I speak to. Or the roofer in Toronto or the Tradie in Australia. These localiszed terms are important as this is how Google will find you. There is a littrle more to it than simple words in an About us page. But making sure your about us page clearly states what you are early in the copy is very important. Avoid over the top claims, state facts and details.


Companies are groups of people, we are all a little shy, or at least many entrepreneurs may not want the limelight. But a human face, a CV or anything about the people should lead on any intangible items of worth. You can of course talk about the facilities, manufacturing, locations you have and you should but the web can often be quite austere and where possible a little info like this is needed. In our extensive eye tracking and interaction with users over the last decade we have seen that the common page most folks will visit is the about and reviews page. This is to validate and build trust.


Where you operate and are is very important. We will discuss this relative to the domain you choose to being with and also the Google My Business and other location based services you enable or use. But stating we are based in Dublin or we operate in Dublin 3 only is advised. Focusing the prose of the about page can help this, but we would also recommend dedicated location and service area pages. We will discuss specific uses cases in further articles.